• Fully type approved by the Federal Waterways Administration to specifications ETSI EN 302

194-1 & ETSI EN 302 194-2 performance standard
• Compact high resolution 19” TFT display
• Menu controlled set-up and operation
• Secondary VRM/EBL and a cursor
• Range scales in km, nm or sm
• Rate-of-turn and rudder indicator
• AIS information
• Navigation data interfaces
• Dual navigation lines
• Ship's profile outline
• Multilevel video target trails
• 5kW nominal peak power
• 6ft, 7ft or 9ft antenna with two speeds
• Easy installation and maintenance through universal custom design

ype-Approved Performance

VisionMaster FT Radars are fully Type Approved to all applica- ble international standards, including:

IEC/EN 60936-1 (Shipborne Radar) and -2 (Shipborne Radar for High-Speed Craft)

IEC/EN 60872-1 (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA)

IEC/EN 60945 (Marine Navigation Equipment) Upgrade versions of VisionMaster FT will exceed the full requirements of the new Shipborne Radar performance standard (IEC62388) coming into force in 2008.

Advanced Clutter Suppression

VisionMaster FT Radars incorporate ClearVision as a standard feature. This sophisticated auto- matic clutter suppression technology makes it easier for watchstanders to identify small weak targets in the presence of sea or rain clutter without manually adjusting gain or clutter controls.

Target Acquisition

VisionMaster FT Radars automatically acquire and track up to 100 targets at relative speeds up to 150 knots. Targets can be acquired by either two guard zones or an operator-configured foot- print area. AIS-selected target acquisition (up to 100 targets) is also provided as an option.


VisionMaster FT Radars provide digital controlled interswitching to interface up to six transceivers to up to six displays.


The new VisionMaster FT workstations are fully compatible with BridgeMaster antenna and transceiver configurations, and can easily be retrofitted with existing BridgeMaster installations. A full stand-alone console or a kit for installation of the electronics in existing cabinetry

is available.


Ease of Installation

The VisionMaster FT radars are designed for easy low-cost installation and commissioning. A serial data format is used to communicate between the transceiver and workstation, minimizing cable runs. Commissioning is accomplished through a series of intuitive full-screen menu prompts.

Dual-Channel Option

Dual-Channel capability integrates data from two transceivers for display at a single screen, providing unsurpassed situational awareness.